About us

Organisation name and description Himaya means ‘protection’ in Arabic. It also has strong links to other languages and the sign of the blue eye is commonly used across religions and cultures for protection. The origins of the concept for Himaya are based on work done elsewhere with refugees, culture and identity and with victims of many types of trafficking and exploitation. Such work has included establishing shelters and prevention/rehabilitation services, capacity building governments/authorities and research around the issue of trafficking and exploitation.

‘The mandate of the Himaya Foundation is to undertake preventative service provision and research to stop young people (regardless of culture or nationality) being exploited further when they are at risk of grooming or trafficking and to work with different communities to address perceptions about why exploitation occurs’
Himaya Foundation


An international multidisciplinary team from the legal, human rights, education, mental health, policing and social sectors, we bring diverse perspectives, cultures and experience from our work in protection. With a creative, passionate drive to tackle vulnerability across cultures, we have global experience and unique origins.


Where we work

To intervene successfully in the area of grooming and trafficking, we believe that experience identifying vulnerability across cultures and circumstances are essential. When a child is identified in the UK as showing vulnerability to trafficking or grooming, they are globally vulnerable. Similarly when children are exposed to conflict in the Middle East, in Asia or any other place, they too are vulnerable to exploitation and globally vulnerable. State specific approaches are not sufficient to address these issues and information must be shared on a global stage.


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Please contact us on: info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)himayafoundation.com